The ‘lottery ticket’

First of all to read this website in Greek
This is my last holiday day in Crete. On saturday we went to Chania and there at the dock she was, beautiful and funny. And she knew her ketch! She was selling tickets to the m/s Irini and would love to own a ketch sailboat. But she did not win the lottery yet so, there was het problem.

So how to go about winning that lottery? The owner of the m/s Irini and Thia Maro seems to win it everyday. Boats loaded with tourist go out for tours in the neighborhood. So something like that would work. The sailboat here in the harbour (Agia Pelagia) goes for €750 half a day and €900 for a full day. It is mored at a bouy in the bay. So letting it out for two to three days a month would give you a nice income and pay for maintanance, if the goverment is not too greedy.

So how to get that boat? A friend of mine, he is a bit of a trader, buys ships for incredible low prices and sells them again. The prices of ships in Holland are very low at the moment. Especially if there is back maintanance. He bought a steel ship that is very sea worthy for less than the raw steel price. So what kind of prices are those? Think €4000 and up (ca. 10 meters) or for something smaller €500 and up. You have to keep a sharp lookout however.

But probably the very first step is deciding that you are going to do it. Then things will somehow come together.
I hope to hear from you again.

Tomorrow is the flight home 🙁 back home i will do the spelling check and add some photo’s.

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